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Credit Card I now accept credit cards at my office.


Client Testimonials

“Aaron did a great handling our family trust and other financial affairs. We would refer him to our other family members. He is well qualified and a well-respected Attorney!” Joseph V.

“Very comfortable & safe.” Kim H.

“Aaron treated us with the upmost respect, he is very thorough in laying everything out. Yes I feel that I made the correct decision hiring Aaron. Already have passed Aaron name along. Told everyone that Aaron is very respectful, thorough, he had everything completed for on time and I would highly recommend Aaron to any of my friends and or family.” Joe C.

“Very professional. We were treated with respect and Aaron took the time to answer all are questions and concerns. We are very happy with our decision to use Aaron Saoud and Saoud financial.” Brian M.

“I felt very comfortable asking him questions and listening to his advice. He explained what services he offered and which ones I would benefit from. Also, he was not pushy.” Carol K.

“Very positive experience.” Arlena C.

“Very professional and with great courtesy. If you want it done right, you need Aaron.” Ken J.

“Always kept me apprised on the status of actions, questions and assistance needed. Quickly responded. Could always be counted on for quality results. The best decision for us and our estate to hire Aaron. Easy to talk to. Explains things thoroughly. Respectful, friendly, with integrity above reproach. I would not hesitate to choose Aaron for my financial and estate planning.” Morris S.

“Complete, trusted and valuable!” Dennis H.

“Aaron treated us with respect, etc. and answered all my questions. Hiring Aaron as our attorney was a good experience. He answered questions and explained things so we could understand.” Lucinda A.

“I was treated very respectfully and felt very comfortable meeting with Aaron. Not knowing what to expect, Aaron explained how the process worked and what I needed prior to meeting with him. In addition, he went over everything with me. I was very pleased and confident hiring Aaron. Great experience and would definitely recommend Aaron to family and friends.” Julie B.

“Aaron was wonderful to work with. He was responsive and provided thorough detail and understandable explanations of everything. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. He is professional, easy to work with, responsive and will answer any and ALL questions you pose! I highly recommend Aaron.” Laura V.

“Aaron was Professional in every way things were done in a timely manner as promised. I would recommend Aaron and fact I have two other family members already.” Stephen D.

“Absolutely, what my wife and I receive from Attorney Aaron Saoud; is beyond standard attorney protocol. He has never sold us a dream or pampered us as clients, he’s attentive, truthful and very fair. We are treated with the up most respect, and if we are confused or unfamiliar with a process. Aaron truly takes the time to explain it, so we understand. We would never hire another attorney unless Aaron instructed us to do so.

It’s one thing to hear about Aaron’s service, it’s better to experience it. We not only trust Aaron with our personal life making decisions; my Mom, and 4 siblings have also entrusted AWS Law Firm to complete their life changing decisions. We trust Aaron; just as if we had to fall backwards and depend on AWS Law Firm as a safety net.” James O.

“Did a great job with our will. Was very friendly and met all our needs.” Andrew M.

Aaron Saoud, Esq.

Call Now For A Personalized Consultation
(813) 922-5293

Call Now For A Personalized Consultation (813) 922-5293