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Edward J. ("EJ") Gonzalez


Edward J. (EJ) Gonzalez is an associate attorney at the AWS Law Firm. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida , Mr. Gonzalez is a graduate of Jesuit High School, where he played basketball for the Tigers. He attended Florida State University, achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology, with a minor in Political Science. His aspirations to become an attorney led him to Western Michigan-Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Riverview, FL, where he graduated in 2019. Mr. Gonzalez earned his Juris Doctor degree with a concentration and certificate in Business Transactions, laying the foundation for his transition to Probate and Estate Planning.  

Before embarking on his legal career, Mr. Gonzalez honed his skills and gained invaluable experience working as a paralegal across various legal domains. His diverse background includes significant involvement in areas such as Personal Injury, Contracts, Negotiation, Real Estate, Trademark Filings, Entity Formation, and Criminal Defense. This multifaceted experience not only broadened his understanding of the law but also equipped him with practical insights into navigating complex legal challenges across different practice areas. 

Beyond his legal endeavors, Mr. Gonzalez is an NFLPA Certified Agent with Grady Sports Agency, located in Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL. In addition to the NFL, Mr. Gonzalez also works with collegiate “NIL” clients across the country, advising them on collective negotiations, marketing partnerships, and career strategy. He is dedicated to serving the best interest of all whom he represents, whether it be a contract negotiation or probate proceeding. He enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and growing family as well as keeping in touch with close friends.  

As an attorney at AWS Law, Edward J. (EJ) Gonzalez continues to deliver exceptional legal services, leveraging his background and focus to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients. His practice areas include contested and uncontested probate, Trust drafting, and asset protection. Whether navigating business transactions or providing diligent representation in litigation matters, Mr. Gonzalez remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering results-driven solutions with integrity and professionalism. 

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