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Quitclaim Deed

In the state of Florida, you have the right to transfer your property quickly and efficiently through a quitclaim deed. A deed is just a legal document that transfers ownership of real property from the grantor to the grantee. A quitclaim deed is a written legal document that conveys interest in real property but does not make any guarantees regarding the grantor’s title, which means the grantee of the property must accept a certain amount of risk. For that reason, this type of deed works best between people who trust each other, such as family members or spouses.

Quitclaims are often used here in Florida when creating a living trust, dividing property in a divorce settlement, transitioning community property to a joint tenancy, changing property from single ownership to co-ownership, or transferring property from one co-owner to another.

By consulting a knowledgeable quitclaim deeds and family transfers of property attorney before you sign over or accept real property, you can prevent any negative consequences on the property’s mortgage or on your taxes.

Florida Quitclaim Deed Requirements

Florida requires the full legal names of the parties (the grantor and the grantee) and a description of the property being transferred to be included for quitclaim deeds to be found valid. In order to be properly executed, the grantor must sign the deed in the presence of two witnesses and a notary. The deed must then be delivered to the grantee.

Though a quitclaim is a simple document (often only a single page in length), it’s wise to have it drafted or reviewed by an experienced quitclaim deeds lawyer to ensure there are no errors that could jeopardize the grantee’s ability to claim the real property. The original document must be properly filed and a filing fee paid with the county recorder for the county wherein the real property is located.

If you’re interested in efficiently transferring real estate to a spouse, a co-owner, or a trust, our quitclaim deeds lawyers and attorneys here at the AWS Law Firm can assist you.

AWS Law – Your Comprehensive Guides to Deeds in Tampa, FL

Properly executed Tampa, Florida, quitclaim deed preparation is a great way to ensure your loved ones and your real property are protected for the future. At AWS Law, our dynamic and talented legal team can help draft and file your quitclaim deed today. We take pride in providing exceptional legal services that help Tampa families find peace of mind.

We will walk you and your family through the entire process and ensure your deed transfer is compliant with Florida law. Throughout our years of offering curated advice to clients, we’ve gained the unique skills necessary to turn your property plans into reality as seamlessly as possible.

Call any time, day or night, to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with Attorney Aaron Saoud and our AWS Law team to discuss your goals for your real property.

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