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Real Estate

Real Estate in Florida is an important asset for you and your loved ones. AWS Law Firms helps you to preserve your real property rights.

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In essence, a request to the court to divide ownership in an equitable manner.


Foreclosure Defense

Defending your legals rights to remain in your home against banks and other other creditors, who may be fraudulently trying to take your most prized possession.


Short Sale or Deed in Lieu

Alternatives to being foreclosed on that resolve disputes in a way that leaves your finances in a better position.

My initial consultation with Attorney Aaron W. Saoud was very satisfying. He addressed my questions and concerns with professional insight compassion. As a result I am retaining him to take care of an administrative estate project and hope to continue the relationship into the future.

Reginald R.

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Quit Claim Deed

A Quit Claim Deed allows a person to transfer whatever interest they own to another person or entity, or add someone as a joint owner to their property.

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Life Estate Deed (Lady Bird Deed)

A Life Estate Deed, also known as a "Lady Bird Deed", allows the transfer of real estate to another person or people upon death; but while the owner is alive, the owner maintains the same rights as before.

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Deed to Trust

A deed used to transfer ownership of real estate to a Trust can have significant benefit, by using a vehicle (Trust) that avoids probate; and potentially allows Beneficiaries additional protections not afforded to them in other types of property transfers.

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