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Tax & Asset Planning

Estate Tax

The Estate Tax is a tax levied by either the Federal government or the state of administration of the assets (usually the state you live in) -- or both!  Currently, Florida does not have an estate tax, but you may still be liable for the Federal taxes.  Planning for this is important to your family.

Generation Skipping Tax

Did you know that there are laws to prevent you from deliberately skipping your children in your estate plan in favor of younger generations to bypass potential estate taxes due upon your children's deaths?  How can you plan around these laws, and not leave your family subject to them?

Income Tax

Many people understand income tax as it pertains to their paycheck, but may not as it pertains to social security, IRA distributions, and other income sources.  We help individuals and families not only understand their taxable income, but use it to make informed investment decisions.

Tax Brackets

Tax brackets can and usually do shift throughout your life -- due to income earned, investments, the sale of property, and many other factors.  Link here to the tax brackets for 2023 and call us to talk about how your current tax bracket plays a significant role in the type of investments you should be making. 

Spousal Tax

Does leaving assets to your spouse trigger a taxable event?  It depends.  And, if so, what can be done to help reduce or eliminate the tax burden on a spouse or children when you die... and use legal mechanisms to avoid overpaying in taxes?


The IRS will be a "silent partner" to you throughout the rest of your life.  At age 72, you will have to take a Required Minimum Distribution ("RMD") and pay it to the IRS every year for the rest of your life, for certain accounts.  But, there exist ways to plan for this, and even avoid it entirely.

Did You Know?

Did you know a proper estate plan, with one or several trusts, can potentially alleviate some or all of the taxes owed in the above scenarios?


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